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  • Business Consulting & Advisor
  • Real Estate & Property Mgmt.
  • Business Development
  • Small Business Start Up-& Mgmt.
  • Leadership Development & Training
  • Team Building, Training & Development
  • Conflict Resolution & Communication
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Team & Management Recruiting
  • Life Coaching


As a highly-rated real estate coach, business consultant, and educational speaker for the last 30+ years, my mission is to guide individuals like you towards unlocking your fullest potential while also living your best life. Before opening Zeri Consulting in 2022, I successfully coached with Tom Ferry for over 8 years. During this time, I completed over 12,000 coaching calls, all tailored to my client’s goals. With a commitment to integrity and passion, I provide personalized coaching experiences aimed at cultivating self-awareness, clarifying purpose, and fostering growth.

Live Your Best Life!

Do YOU know your Strengths?

Do You set goals for yourself?

are youa natural leader?

are you accountable?

do you procrastinate?

is your business running effectively?


What our clients say about coaching with Mitzi:

"I am especially grateful for your 360 degree view of coaching, which allowed me to look more closely at my personal aspects of my life that were having an impact on my professional development. "

Tara-Real Estate Agent

"Mitzi is unceasingly professional, but tenacious, candid, enthusiastic, unfailing, responsive, and unbelievably supportive! The time I spent under her tutelage was, without question, the most productive and enjoyable of my life. Hire her and hold on!"

Kip-Business Consultant

"Thank you so much! You have no idea how badly I needed that win today. You truly are the best and have drug my sorry ass through many challenges. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. Your wings are carrying me today, you are a true angel!"

Debbie-Real Estate Agent

TESTIMONIALS, continuted

I got my license and quickly realized that the brokerage I had chosen offered no education or support. I was working from home and had no idea how to make things work. I closed my first deal and paid for my first month of coaching with that check. It’s been incredible ever since! My coach, Mitzi is amazing! Not only has she provided the support that I so desperately needed but is a true friend! I have now closed my 19th deal! Thank you, Mitzi, for your faith, support and vision!

Liz -Real Estate Agent

I started working with Mitzi with the goal of upping my production and to help me utilize my business partner/administrative assistant more effectively to free up my time to spend more time generating new business. I am happy to say I increased my production by $100k and have created a much more effective and productive relationship with my partner.

Tony-Real Estate Agent

Mitzi Zeri has been my coach for over a year now. She is an incredible resource and has helped me with my real estate business planning, my career goals, objectives, work schedule, and life in general. I have several rather unique situations and she was able to help me find my way. I would highly recommend Mitzi if you want someone who truly cares and will help you get to the next level.

Mariangle -Real Estate Agent

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9400 Holly Ave. NE Bldg. #4

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